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Common Sleeping and Mattress Solutions

By Barjinderr Singh December 31, 2022 0 comments

Common sleeping and mattress issues

Your individual sleeping problems may be some of the most crucial deciding elements when choosing your next mattress. These concerns differ from sleeper to sleeper, and you might be having more troubles than you think with your old mattress.

Back pain, joint pain, allergies, overheating at night, and being impacted by your bed partner's sleeping habits are a few examples of frequent sleeping and bedding problems.

The good news is that a mattress is probably available to help with your sleeping problems, no matter what they may be.

What kind of mattress is ideal for joint or back pain?

In general, firm mattresses are excellent for supporting those with back discomfort as they sleep. If you want both comfort and relief, a medium-firm mattress is a wonderful option since it keeps your spine in alignment and supports your joints.

Similar to latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses also ease back discomfort. The foams' unique qualities allow them to conform to a sleeper's body, cradling pressure areas. In light of this, we recommend our Silk Ortho Mattress and our Latex Pocket Sensation Mattress as the best options.

What kind of mattress is allergy-friendly?

A hypoallergenic mattress is necessary if you have hay fever, asthma, or any other allergy that keeps you from falling asleep. We advise choosing a Silk Memory Supreme Mattress or Studio by Silentnight for a softer, foam-only choice.

What kind of mattress will keep me cool while I sleep?

A new mattress may hold the key to staying cool for those who consistently sleep too hot. The best choice you can make is to choose a mattress with greater ventilation, such a pocket spring mattress, which won't trap as much heat under your body.

A mattress with a cooling gel or system is another option. Thanks to its "microclimate system" and unique "eco breath fibres," our Eco Comfort Breath Pocket Mattress is a superb illustration of this ingenious concept.

The ideal mattress for couples is...

The person sleeping next to you might occasionally be the biggest threat to your sleep schedule, but a new mattress can help!

In this regard, we advise taking a larger-sized pocket sprung mattress into consideration. For instance, your greatest option would be a firm king-sized mattress. Because each pocket spring is independently nestled, when your companion rolls over, the entire bed doesn't tremble.

Consider a pocket spring mattress with a pillow top, like our Rylee Mattress, if you want to increase your nighttime comfort. Alternatives include our Silentnight Geltex Mattress if you want a more secure alternative with specialty foams.

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